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I am an enthusiastic developer, having a ton of interest in product development and design. Also I am a strong believer that imagination brings the change and shows a path to develop something amazing and interesting.

Pythoneer & Junior Machine Learning Developer

I have the attitude of a learner, the courage of an entrepreneur and the thinking of an optimist, engraved inside me. I wish to be a leader in my community of people.
From an engineering perspective, I have chosen "Data Science and Machine Learning" as my specialization fields.
I am looking for,

  • open source contributions
  • Machine learning projects & collaborations
  • Fixing my android skills in Flutter
  • learning software architecture
  • Creating django projects

Facts About Me


Lines Of Code on Github


Published Python Software


Open Source Projects


Hackathons & Competitions


Technical Conferences Attended


Github Contributions


Students Mentored


Technical events conducted

My Skills

C/C++ 80%
Algorithms 70%
Flutter & Dart50%
Project Management80%
Architecture & Digital Design80%
Linux OS40%
Assembly Programming60%
Python 85%
Machine Learning 80%
Django & Backend 75%
Public Speaking & Leadership85%
Computer Networks80%
Documentation & Content80%

My Resume

My Education

B.Tech, Computer Science & Engineering

2019 - 2023

School of Studies in Engg. & Tech.,
Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur

Intermediate of Science(PCM + Statistics)
(Cleared with 80%)

2015 - 2017

B.J.B. Junior College, Bhubaneshwar

Work Experience

Data Structures & Algorithms Developer Intern

June 2020 - Dec 2020

OpenGenus Foundation

Designed and developed different algorithmic solutions for classical problems using C++ as the primary programming language. The published research articles can be viewed here - OpenGenus IQ

Python & Machine Learning Developer

September 2020 - Nov 2020


Working upon Python & Machine Learning use case by creating models & implementing them, creating blogs out of it and contributing towards the ML community. My works can be viewed here - Machine Learning Use Cases

Mission Advocate

Aug 2020 - Oct 2020


Designed and developed different programming and coding missions for different projects, in which the user can learn the entire methodology by performing these missions, working on C++, Python, Flutter and DSA tech stacks as well. The sample missions can be viewed here - Widhya Missions.

Data Analytics & Research Intern

May 2020 - June 2020

Wealthy Waste

Accomplished a research project based on the greenhouse gas emission from different countries globally by providing useful research output on sustainable environmental solutions. The project can be viewed here - Green House Gas Analysis.

Open Source Experience

Project Manager & Mentor

July 2020 - September 2020


Ideated an OpenSourced project, managed participants by mentoring them with their contributions for the project, worked upon DSA in C++ and Python. The project can be viewed here - Algorithmic Treasure.

Project Mentor

July 2020 - September 2020

Contributor's Hack 2020, Hakin Codes

Managed Pull Requests, assigned and refined issues, created issues and mentored the contributors with their OpenSource contributions. The project can be viewed here - NeoAlgo.

Project Contributor

June 2020 - August 2020

Student Code In 2020

Designed the EDA for the given dataset, ideated and designed a python script for Nelson Aaelan Estimator and worked on deployment of the EDA model using Dash. The project can be viewed here - Survival Analysis.

Member & Student Mentor

October 2020 - Present

Tesseract Coding

Mentored contributors, managed PRs, revised issues, checked codes and contributed to the project named "NeoAlgo" of the Organization. The project can be viewed here - NeoAlgo.

Trainning Experience

Summer Trainee (Remote Paid)

April 2020 - May 2020

Indian Institute Of Technology, Roorkee

This was a paid training program conducted by EICT(Electronics and ICT Academy), IIT Roorkee on CloudxLab platform. I am doing the training on "Python for Machine Learning" and "Machine Learning" domain. This training consists of around 8 machine learning projects and the required theory.

Community Experience

Project Manager & Head of Operations

August 2020 - Present

Developer Student Clubs, GGV

Founded the DSC, ideated and designed a roadmap for the foundation and event conduction, handled internal and external operations, technical & non-technical resource maintainance and managed the year long projects of DSC, GGV.

Chapter Leader

September 2020 - Present

Codecademy Campus Project Chapter

Founded and leading the chapter in order to develop projects, products and different models in accordance with the advancement of technology, that can stand apart in creating a difference in the lives of people.

Club Captain

September 2020 - Present

Mozilla Student Developers,GGV

Founder a club consisting of a group of enthusiastic developers interested in developing the tools and technologies being used by tons of developers around the world.

Community Lead

September 2020 - Present

Dockship Community

I am working upon creating and leading a data science community on my campus in order to upskill the students in the field of Data Science and make them industry-ready.

Hackathons & Competitions

PyCon India 2020

04th & 05th October, 2020

Devsprint Mentor & Project Maintainer

Mentored the two days Devsprint by PyCon India 2020, helped contributors with their contributions related to my OpenSource project named "eduAlgo". The project can be viewed here - PyCon Devsprint 2020.

FOSS Hack 2020

12th & 13th september, 2020

Project Participant

Participated and contributed to my OpenSource Project named eduAlgo during the Hackathon, created a new hint feature of the package as well as fixed typos and bugs. The project can be viewed here - FOSS Hack 2020.

One - Hack - A - Thon, Incubate Ind

08th & 09th August, 2020


Got selected in the top 60 teams globally among 1500+ participating teams, in this international hackathon organized in 20+ countries. The project can be viewed here - Frontline Warriors.

SCI - 2020, Student Code In

18th June - 01st September, 2020

Contributor & Winner

Designed the EDA for the given dataset, ideated and designed a python script for Nelson Aaelan Estimator and worked on deployment of the EDA model using Dash. Got selected as the top 25 contributors of the entire competition. The project can be viewed here - Survival Analysis.


International Summit On DSAI - IIT Madras

18th - 20th June, 2020

Attendee Certificate

Global AI Summit - AI.nxt

13th - 14th August, 2020

Attendee Certificate

CCD - Cloud Community Days, Konfhub

17th - 19th June, 2020

Attendee Certificate(Day-1 ,Day-2, Day-3)

Developer's Tech Camp - CloudTitan & Digital Ocean

03rd May - 07th May, 2020

Participant Certificate

PyCon India - 2020

02nd & 03rd October, 2020


My Achievements

i4C Blogathon Winner

Research Article Competition(Smart India Hackathon - 2020)

Speaker & Mentor

PyCon India 2020 - Devsprint(Python Conference)

Winner & Top 25

SCI - 2020(OpenSource Project Competition)

Project Winner(Top 3), Best Project Manager, Best Mentor

BWLU - Session 1(2020)

Best Project Mentor (Top 5)

Contributor's Hack 2020, HakinCodes

Hacktoberfest - 2020 (5 PR)

Opensource Community Month

Qualifying Team(Top 60)

One-Hack-A-Thon(COVID19 Global Solution Challenge)

Project Participants (Qualifying)

FOSS Hack - 2020


Code-Gladiator 2020, Programming Challenge

My Projects


A very simple python package made with python scripts to study different algorithms for educational purposes.

Algorithmic Treasure

A website which contains the codes along with the techniques and explanations.

The Frontline Warriors

A website to provide the much needed recognition to our frontline warriors for their work and bring them into limelight of the society.

International Greenhouse Gas Emission

Open-Sourced Data Science project, that is made on the basis of a data-set from Kaggle.com

Portfolio App Template

This is a very simple portfolio template using Flutter SDK and Dart made for public use.

Line Follower Bot

A line follower robot made using Arduino Microcontroller.

Survival Analysis

A Data Science and Machine Learning model, that determines the chances of survival of a certain customer for a certain company. It can be used in many other industries like clinical trials (medical science and health care), sales & Marketing etc

Wine Quality Prediction

A Machine Learning model that can predict the quality of wine

Cat Photo Classification

A Machine Learning model that can distinguish between the cat and non-cat photo.

Python Game Development

Designed Pong and Snake Game using the Pygame module of Python

My Articles

I am an active technical writer, I have some articles published in the internet, which can be viewed below,

The Travelling Salesman Problem Using Branch & Bound Approach

The application of the branch & bound algorithmic design to solve the travelling salesman problem.

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Transitive Closure Of A Graph using Floyd Warshall Algorithm

The application of Floyd Warshall algorithm in determining the transitive closure of a given graph.

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Transitive Closure Of A Graph using Graph Powering

The application of graph powering in determining the transitive closure of a given graph.

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Travelling Salesman Problem (Basics + Brute force approach)

The naive bruteforce approach for solving the problem using a mathematical concept known as "permutation".

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Travelling Salesman Problem (Bitmasking and Dynamic Programming)

The application of Bitmasking and dynamic programming in solving the Travelling Salesman Problem.

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Survival Analysis: Censoring of Data

For any data set, when our focus becomes the “time until an event occurs”, we call that time as the Survival Time for that particular data point.

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Caesar Concatenation

Given two strings str1 and str2 containing alpha-numeric characters and a number N. The task is to form a new encrypted string which contains the string str1 with a Ceaser Encryption

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Tic Tac Toe GUI In Python using PyGame

Designing a Graphic User Interface for Tic Tac Toe using PyGame.

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Construct the Cypher string based on the given conditions

Given a number N, the task is to convert the given number into a Cypher string on the basis of given conditions.

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Contact Me


Keonjhargarh, Odisha, India

I am open for Freelance Projects,Open Source Collaborations,grabbing a coffee in free time. Don't forget to ping me in my social media accounts if you need my contributions in any of the above. Thanks for stopping by.